a bit about us


Rise Wellness Studio began in 2019 with the aim of creating a wellness space for clients to step away from the busyness of everyday life to focus on their own wellbeing.

A safe place to unwind and enjoy peace and quiet. Just what we all need.

Our focus is on you. On meeting your individual needs and discovering how we can help elevate your health and wellness, and improve your quality of life.

We are passionate about the importance of connection - to self, nature and community.


Our studio is a safe place free of discrimination and judgement. We support everyone needing a place to restore and heal. We ask that you support and embrace the values of acceptance and kindness when visiting.

We respectfully acknowledge the wisdom of the Boonwurrung Indigenous people and their custodianship of the land and waterways on which we live.

Tracey Waters

owner + remedial massage therapist
+ bowen therapist

Tracey is an experienced therapist who has worked in various clinical settings on the Mornington Peninsula, before opening Rise Wellness Studio in 2019.

She specialises in helping people with chronic pain and heightened pain sensitivity to find relief and an improved quality of life. Through her practice of Bowen Therapy and Remedial Massage, she has developed a gentle and effective approach that works for conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, back pain and other long term pain conditions. 

She loves nothing more than listening to a client's story, creating individual treatment goals and achieving them. Every day in the studio is immensely rewarding.

Out of the studio, Tracey loves to recharge in nature, meditate, and cook for her family.


studio manager + plant lover

Isobel manages the day-to-day running of the studio, keeps our beautiful plants alive and the studio looking great. She also runs our social media and online wellness shop. When she's not in the studio Isobel is completing her uni studies in social sciences, loves walking and has a keen interest in ethical + sustainable wellness.

Holly Clarke


Holly is a transformational therapist who guides and supports people through embodied and generative change. 

Using a variety of mind-body modalities for recalibration of self worth, deep learnings and meaningful rebirths of what’s possible.


Using her unique blend of informative coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy she facilitates healing via behavioural shifts, accelerated growth and brain-heart coherence. 

In other words, she helps people vibrate higher. By optimising mind, body, soul potential holly can help you find your magic and the best ways to express it. 


She is passionate about supporting others to live a fully expressed life by bringing the unconscious processing to conscious awareness. 


With nearly 20 years in the wellness world, she uses an intuitive approach. Holly’s first fascination was with psychology but her initial path would be with remedial therapies, in particular: 

Therapeutic massage

NST Bowen Therapy 


Resonating strongly with the mind-body connection and the capacity for self-healing, she worked holistically with these modalities in several clinics. Most prominently alongside her husband Travis Clarke and friend Kirsten Wolfe in a very successful clinic for 10 years. 

Holly’s motherhood experience offered heartache and transformation in equal measure moving her towards new awakenings and interests. The dynamic area of energy psychology was first utilised with hypno-birthing in her natural water births of her two sons Finn and Bodhi. 

These empowering birth experiences demonstrated the immense power of the mind and how it can be harnessed with clear vision, intention and self-belief. 

Coaching others towards their own hearts and desires in a practical and down to earth way has been a wonderfully natural transition for Holly as a therapist. 


Holly is a:

Certified Hypnotist 

NLP Practitioner

NST Bowen Therapy Practitioner 

Certified Reflexologist 

Certified Massage Therapist 


With Integrated wisdom and experience Holly offers 1 on 1 consults.

After a complimentary consult, a package can be created for optimal success.

Specialising in:

Fertility support

Natural birthing 

Fears and phobias 

Emotional resilience 

Health goals 

Soul purpose 

Motherhood transitions 

Book your free no-obligation phone consult where a package can be created for optimal success, designed uniquely for you. 

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