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remedial + relaxation + pregnancy + cupping


Massage therapy can be tremendously beneficial for people of all ages and conditions. It is a safe and effective treatment for injury and stress management, and is also a great preventative treatment, decreasing the chances of developing pain and illness.

Some of the ongoing benefits of massage include:

• reduction + elimination of pain

• reduced muscle tension

• increased joint mobility + flexibility

• boosts immune system functioning

• stimulation of the lymphatic system

• improved recovery of soft tissue injury

• reduction in stress hormones

• deep relaxation

​• reduced anxiety + depression

​• increased body awareness

• improved general wellness


Remedial massage treatments focus on particular areas of injury or concern. Sessions include an assessment and development of a treatment plan aimed at achieving specific results. There are a variety of techniques used such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and deep tissue massage. This is not a "go hard or go home" kind of session; we aim to get great results working within your comfort zone.


A gentle flowing massage using aromatherapy oils that will carry you away to a place of peace and stillness within. Release tension and stress and leave feeling restored, revitalised and completely relaxed.

Regular relaxation massage helps maintain a healthy mind-body balance and is helpful in managing depression, sleep difficulties, anxiety and reduces physical tension.


Pregnancy massage is gentle and nurturing for both mother and baby, helping ease any discomfort, aches and pains, fatigue, and tension. Massage allows expectant mums the opportunity to relax and heal in a safe and comfortable environment. This massage is done in a side-lying position and all care is taken to ensure your comfort during the treatment.


Cupping therapy is a traditional form of medicine in which cups are applied to your skin for a few minutes to create suction. The benefits of cupping include helping with pain, inflammation, blood flow relaxation, and well being. We use cups as part of a remedial massage session when requested.

Silicone cups are generally used, though glass fire cupping is also available. Please note that cupping may leave marks on the skin for approximately 1-2 weeks after treatment.

massage fees

hicaps + eftpos available

30 minutes

Initial session $80

Follow up session $70

3 session package

$200 - save 5%

6 session package

$375 - save 10%

60 minutes

Initial session $120

Follow up session $110

3 session package

$310 - save 5%

6 session package

$590 - save 10%

90 minutes

Initial session $150

Follow up session $140

3 session package

$400 - save 5%

6 session package

$755- save 10%

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